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Carefully Selected Quality Pearl Rice and Sushi Vinegar from Japan to Bring about Authentic Sushi Flavours

Genki Sushi carefully selects 100% pearl rice and vinegar from Japan to prepare sushi rice that offers distinctive Japanese flavours. Paired with fresh ingredients and creative sushi-making techniques, we offer our customers a most authentic Japanese sushi experience.

Pearl rice is mainly farmed in paddies, and do well in open, flat areas with clean water sources and great diurnal temperature variation. Blessed with these geographical characteristics, many areas in Japan are ideal for the production of quality rice that is internationally renowned. As the soul of sushi, Japanese pearl rice is a key factor to creating sushi rice that gives off an attractive sheen and is soft yet chewy, with the unmistakeable fragrance of rice that complements the taste of the fresh ingredients paired with it.

Genki Sushi is committed to serving quality ingredients. As the soul of sushi rice, our sushi vinegar is selected according to stringent criteria. That is why we have chosen the specially formulated sushi vinegar from the century-old Uchibori Brewery in Gifu Prefecture. Fused with stock made from Hokkaido rishiri kombu and Kagoshima dried skipjack tuna, and hydroponically grown pearl rice from Japan, the vinegar adds a touch of Kanto flavor to the sushi rice, which pairs perfectly with our fresh ingredients to offer an authentic taste of Japanese sushi to our customers.

The various regions of Japan have different preferences when it comes to sushi vinegar. The Hokkaido and Tohoku regions like theirs saltier, while the Tokai and Kansai regions prefer it sweeter. Kyushu's sushi vinegar tends to be sweet and sour yet more mellow. Genki Sushi's tailor-made sushi vinegar is based on the Kanto style, which is rich and smooth with a balance between sweetness and acidity. The vinegar enhances rather than overpowers the fragrance of the rice and covers every grain with a sheen. Bringing out the umami flavors of various sushi ingredients, our vinegar is an indispensable element in the creation of delicious sushi.

Carefully Chosen, Quality Norwegian Salmon

Food safety is Genki Sushi's top priority. We source quality ingredients through suppliers stringently selected from all over the world. All the ingredients we use comply with the requirements set by the Hong Kong SAR Government and fulfill international standards such as ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP. The ingredients are also sent to SGS Hong Kong Limited, an independent organization, for professional inspection, testing and certification according to the relevant standards. Ingredients that fail to meet the set standards will not be used. Genki Sushi is committed to improving food quality and safety. In order to provide high-quality products to consumers, we work closely with SGS Hong Kong and appoint SGS to conduct food testing and various audits in our global supply chain.

Salmon is an all-time favorite of Hongkongers'. That is why Genki Sushi has always opted for quality farmed salmon from Norway. As the world’s largest Atlantic salmon-producing country, Norway is known for the safety and quality of its fish. Strict regulation and monitoring of the salmon farming process ensure quality, with specific requirements for everything from feed to farming environment and export. Norwegian salmon is farmed in a regulated ecological environment and monitored closely for safety.

As the Norwegian salmon industry is strictly regulated and monitored by the local food safety authorities, its farmed produce is a tasty, safe and wholesome treat that not only attains food safety standards but also offers a wealth of nutrients.